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Information for teachers, tutors and HE advisers

We value enormously the support and encouragement that teachers, tutors and HE advisers give to students who may be thinking of applying here. The Cambridge Admissions Office (CAO) and College admissions offices are happy to give advice to teachers on admissions policy and other matters.

The University supports AS level exams at the end of Year 12. Find out more and download a copy of the letter sent to all schools in November 2014.

Cambridge admissions and commercial organisations

Commercial organisations offering admissions coaching or other services

The University is aware that a number of commercial organisations produce publications or offer services which suggest an association with the University or purport to provide prospective students with information and guidance that they cannot otherwise access. Such publications and services are typically offered for a fee.

We DO NOT endorse, support or encourage any of these commercial enterprises. None of these companies has access to any information that is not already available free of charge to all schools, colleges and individual students.

We provide comprehensive information and guidance about the admissions process on our Undergraduate Study website in our publications, and at events such as open days.

The CUSU “Official Cambridge Guide to Excellence”

Cambridge University Students’ Union (CUSU) is an independent organisation, connected with, but separate from, the University of Cambridge. CUSU has recently contracted with the commercial publisher St James’s House to produce the Guide to Excellence. This publication seeks to raise money for CUSU through the sale of editorial space

The University neither endorses nor supports this initiative.