University of Cambridge



Undergraduate Document Submission – References

We require the reference to be uploaded as a single PDF document. Where a reference covers more than 1 side of A4 paper, you will be required to create a single multi-page PDF.

The following steps should apply, regardless of what scanning software you use:

  1. Place the first page of your reference in the scanner
  2. Select PDF as the file format
  3. Select a resolution that balances image quality and file size
  4. Start the scan
  5. Check the preview image to ensure that it has scanned correctly
  6. If correct, select the option to print/add another page
  7. Continue until all pages have been scanned
  8. Save the document as a .pdf file type
  9. Open the file and check that it looks okay in Adobe Acrobat or other PDF viewer

If you have any difficulties creating the reference PDF file then please contact us using the details below.